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Express Tip: How to set the skin using the Red Channel in Photoshop

When making portraits not everyone has the same skin tone, some people have paler skin, others darker tan or other. In different circumstances, such as the lighting used when taking the picture the skin tone can be seen unnecessarily accentuated or unwanted. Photoshop channels can help us. Obviously no miracle recipes and parameters must be adjusted in each case the photograph being processed or edited. For the tutorial I used a live camera jpeg and on which I have not done more fit than indicated. Let's get to it.
Open the image, make corrections or skin spots that are using the method that is and we have to make an adjustment to the skin tone. I assume that we work in RGB mode. Open the channels palette and go first to the Red channel. Why? The process is the same, but more often is found in 99% of cases, a number of unwanted red.
Once there, click on the Red channel, we should see the image in Photoshop, in Black and White and also with some glitter. It is as if we had filtered through that channel. If you like us, have a good Black and White and let (just kidding). If not, we continue and we will correct the amount of red.
Select the canvas (Ctrl + A) and copy it (Ctrl + C). Here again we must click on the RGB channel and see again the color image. Go back to the layers palette and paste (Ctrl + V) as a new layer on our color photography. change the blending mode of the new layer (Layer 1) to Luminosity.
Now we lower the opacity to 0 and we climb little by little until you find the right skin tone.
To complete enough to make a mask that would affect only the skin as we saw in our special on Adobe Photoshop.
To the left of the original image to the right with the settings (very soft eye in this case). In conclusion, we have lightened the redness of certain parts of the skin in a fast, simple and subtle, but also we can see that certain shadows as dark circles or eye bags taking some reddish tone can be corrected with this simple trick.

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