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Express Tip: Keep track of everything you do in Photoshop CS6

Do you do a processed with Photoshop and can not remember how you did it? Want to brush any step despite having saved your file with all its layers? Well if you have bad memory or just want to review some of the editing steps, know that there is a way to keep records of everything you do in Photoshop CS6. Simply go to Edit / Preferences and select the last box that says "Recording History". It has to do with the historical we handle routinely but is much more complete. Sometimes you have happened that in the rush to leave to another site, for example, you record the process close Photoshop and turn off the computer. After a while you come back, open the file and you wonder where it went. For those little historical forgetfulness usual no good since it disappears once you close the image file.
However, this option can record history, as you see in the Image, save a text file, which you can always see the steps we have made in Photoshop. We do not remember at what point we were open the file to the end and see where we were going.
We have three options "Edit Log Items" straps give us the session record only when Photoshop opens and closes the file, a more concise that we can record sessions text palette and the most complete history or keeping detailed complete history file editing.
I recommend using the option that says "detailed" (but Try all three options and see the difference) since that is the option that saves information in this log file. As we can save it in text file in the Photoshop file metadata or both. For me the simplest and most convenient when working is the text file.
 I already talked at the time of some recommendations to optimize Adobe Photoshop, although this option hope you kick over a jam or will serve to review and doubts you out of any editing step you've made.

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